Honest, Reliable Honda & Acura Auto Repair Shop in Huntington Beach, CA

Are you searching for a Huntington Beach, CA, auto repair shop that provides honest, friendly auto service? If so, consider letting Autowave – Honda & Acura Auto Specialist handle your car repairs. Our customers rely on us for prompt, effective auto service, and we strive to keep our rates competitive.

We use quality products in all our repairs to ensure that your vehicle is fixed correctly the first time, and we work hard to accommodate your scheduling needs. We also aim to provide you with accurate estimates before we begin repairing your car, and our comprehensive array of auto services includes:

  • Transmission and radiator repairs
  • Powertrain control module repairs
  • Hybrid auto repairs and oil changes
  • Branded auto repairs and diagnostics
  • Brake, air conditioning, and heater repairs

Whether your car has a serious problem or just requires a bit of maintenance, turn to Autowave – Honda & Acura Specialist when you need a Huntington Beach, CA, auto repair shop.

Expert Technicians

Our Dynamometer allows us to test your vehicle under most road conditions, which in turn allows for the proper adjustment of your fuel injection and ignition timing. The result? Improved performance and maximum fuel efficiency!

The Buck Stops Here! No more paying for others to “Guess” what’s wrong with your car. Our years of experience allows us to tell you ACURAtely what your car needs.

We use OEM or Original Replacement Parts exclusively and all our work is guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles. Meaning- we NEVER sacrifice quality.

A little more of what we offer:

We do even more…Check out our Performance Center!